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Cow Herd

Many use the term 'Low Maintenance' quite often. We believe our cattle fit this description well, and it's crucial for us to explain what that means to us. Red Angus breeders measure something called maintenance energy in their data.

Although we have one of the lowest average maintenance energy levels in the nation according to our EPDs (Estimated Progeny Differences), we don't rely heavily on these numbers. Our idea of low maintenance is broader and more intricate. We aim to set up future ranchers for success, just as our ancestors did for us. Today and tomorrow, the biggest challenge we see is finding enough people willing to work in ranching areas. This makes it hard to fill ranch jobs and provide essential services in towns. As services disappear, it's even tougher to run ranches and attract young families.

This is where we prioritize nature above all else. Our cows and heifers give birth outdoors without any help. We have a rule: unless we're fishing (because we don't see the point in catching and releasing), if a cow or heifer needs catching, they're removed from the herd. If they can't nurse their calves promptly or conceive during the breeding season, they're also removed. We focus on traits like udder quality, temperament, hoof health, body condition, and fertility, rather than relying on EPDs and passing trends. This leaves us with a cow herd that can sustain itself physically and numerically with minimal human involvement. Our aim is to own cows that enable us to maintain a good standard of living.


Low Maintenance Cow Herd- cow herd that through natural selection requires minimal human

intervention to maintain itself physically and numerically.

Bull Herd

Thank you for expressing interest in our program, where the term 'program' encapsulates our fundamental ethos. Our identity within this breed is sharply defined, and our methodologies are meticulously honed. We allocate no resources to chasing the latest trends in EPDs, Indexes, or sire selections; our allegiance lies with Mother Nature herself, who has refined the bovine species over millennia. Augmenting her expertise, our family's 143-year legacy in ranching imbues our approach with depth and wisdom that transcends numerical metrics.

As reiterated from our stance last year, we affirm the unparalleled ingenuity of the mother cow, an exemplar of efficiency and environmental symbiosis. Harnessing this natural alchemy is our mission, as we observe with reverence while meticulously documenting the nuances of each cow-calf dyad. Our commitment extends beyond mere quality; we aspire to cultivate pastures teeming with excellence while challenging each individual to thrive under diverse conditions.

In a landscape where the skillful presentation of average specimens is commonplace, our aspiration is loftier: to cultivate a pasture abundant with excellence while affording every opportunity for genuine merit to shine.

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